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Old school rap free

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The popularity of music genres has seen shifts over the decades. Old numbers and artistes tend to be forgotten in the euphoria of what’s new, hot, classy and trendy. But when the hype has all died down and the shine of the new had worn off, one tends to wonder where else to look for a breath of fresh air. That’s the case when it comes to rap music which hogged the limelight in the 1980s and 1990s. Forgotten once upon a time, they are making a comeback with a vengeance and have found a place in the hearts of music buffers, especially those from the younger generation This breed of music aficionados are extending a new lease of life to what’s today fondly known as old school rap songs. E is the longest running show on George FM, with a decade of musical style from proper disco, solid soul, funked up funk, Old skool, hiphop, n U skool/jazz, broken beats, afro, latin, cuban, reggae, dub,... After the pioneers of the 80's came Hip Hop's Golden era in the early 90's. These are the songs that were entrenched in a culture spanning the globe with its remnants still being felt today. Old school rap free high school musical 2 music Welcome to 8tracks radio free music streaming for any time, place, or mood. tagged with hip hop, rap, and old school hip hop. You can also download one of our. Oct 30, 2018. Purchase Instant Delivery No Tags Website [email protected]